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The Discovery

This is where the fun starts! The discovery session is typically 2 hours long, and as you might have guessed it is all about the process of discovery. It is the discovery of who you are when you look at your life from all angles.

We will look at your underlying values, your goals, your 'why' behind those goals. We will look at your purpose, or in other words the impact that you want to have in your life and/or the world around you. If you don't know the answer to all of this right now, don't worry.. it is my job to guide you through the process.

Another key part of the discovery is exploring and identifying any limiting voices that are keeping you stuck or stopping you from living to your full potential. 


The discovery session will set the foundation for the coaching and we will often refer back to the information that is revealed here. Although this all might sound a bit serious I guarantee that the process is also fun, and many people say that they feel much lighter following this session.

The Sample Session

I always offer a free 45 minute sample session over Zoom video or telephone where you can share your primary reasons for exploring coaching and ask me any questions about the process. We can dip into some coaching and you can decide if it feels like a good match to work together. There is no obligation to make a decision on the call. The most important thing after the conversation is that it feels like a natural match where we are both aligned and excited about the process.

The Coaching

If you think of the discovery session as the initial exploration, this is the deep dive! During our 1-hour sessions we will deepen the exploration of your goals and I will use tools & techniques to coach you into clarity (and action!). We will explore different perspectives and I will likely challenge you on whether you are being true to yourself and your vision in the choices that you make. 

The topics that you choose to bring to each coaching session will often relate back to the personal development goals that we uncovered during the initial discovery session however this isn't always the case. New things may come up that you can choose whether to explore or not. Nothing in our life is totally unrelated which is why the primary focus of coaching is always you and your overarching sense of self. The more we uncover during the coaching, the clearer you will become on who you are, what you want and how to create it.

Each coaching session will build on the other, and there will be requests and assignments for you to focus on in-between. This is where the real change starts to happen. As great as it is to talk about who we are and what we want, the transformation comes from taking action in line with the learning. 


The Journey

The coaching process is more than just the coaching sessions in isolation. Each session will have it's own impact, however it is the journey of coaching over a period of time when all of the pieces come together to create lasting change.


It is about who you are becoming as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and make conscious choices to discard old habits or limiting beliefs for the sake of a bigger vision for yourself.

Your mindset has been shaped over time, therefore it is important that you give yourself the time and the space to recover back to who you really are i.e. the truest, most authentic and most capable version of yourself.

When you sign up for one-to-one coaching it is so much more valuable than an off-the-shelf personal development programme. It is 100% focussed and tailored to you, to ensure that you achieve your unique potential.

Don't spend the rest of your life waiting to start living.

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