About Me

Hi, I'm Steve and I'm a life and personal leadership coach based in central London. I consider myself to be bold, kind, passionate fun and very down to earth!


I am professionally trained with The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), one of the oldest and most respected coach training organisations in the world. For many years I worked in the corporate world, managing and coaching project teams in the financial services industry. I now spend the majority of my time coaching individuals on a one to one basis. 


In addition to my professional training I have studied personal development for over 20 years and have an extensive knowledge of tools and techniques related to mindset and transformational change.


I am extremely passionate about working with people to discover who they really are and to build their mindset to create exactly what they want out of life. This is heavily inspired by my own experience of overcoming anxiety and fear to create a life that is truly fulfilling.  



Please contact me to request a free sample coaching session, or if you have any questions about how coaching might benefit you.


You can get in touch through the contact form or the email address below.



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