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Transformation is possible when you make the space for it.

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Steve Aitken Coaching
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Most people choose coaching because they want something in their life to be different. Too often we have a desire for change yet we are trapped by our routine, habits or fears that leave us feeling stuck or unfulfilled. 


I work with individuals who are tired of accepting the way things are and are ready to kick-start the process of positive change.


If you choose to embark on the coaching journey and are willing to commit to the process I guarantee that your mindset will shift, your habits will change and you will feel a new sense of charge over your life.

It starts with a decision to prioritise your needs.

My Approach

I am a certified professional coach, providing one-to-one life coaching anywhere in the world via Zoom Video or WhatsApp Audio. 

Through the coaching process you will learn how to connect more deeply to your true self, establish what you really want and take conscious and consistent action to create a life that is more fulfilling.

Please contact me to book a free no-obligation sample session, or click below to find out more.


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"I can’t speak highly enough about both Steve as a person and the change he’s helped facilitate in my life and my ways of thinking, confidence and general well being. Can whole heartedly recommend him if you think coaching is something you’d benefit from and take it from me, you will benefit"

Richard - London, UK

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